VISA-FREE MOROCCO: 8 locations to see

Back in 2016, we were invited to speak at the world tourism Forum in Istanbul. As soon as we got the invitation, we understood we would take advantage of the chance to likewise check out close-by destinations. We swept whatever off the table, laid a map (yes, we still own one as well as we like things old-school sometimes), as well as looked for possible detours. The plan was to see Greece, Malta, as well as Italy after the forum.

But you understand what they say, some plans are indicated to be just that, plans.

I don’t keep in mind what happened, however before we understood it, we had run out of time to safe a Schengen visa. Panicking, we consulted that map once again as well as looked for alternatives. nearly every close-by country needs a visa for Filipino citizens. Georgia as well as Armenia would be great, however we were saving them for one more trip. We were about to lose hope when we discovered something shining on the Western edge of the Mediterranean — Morocco.

Morocco has always sat on top of our listing of dream destinations, however we didn’t recognize that it’s visa-free for Filipinos. In fact, nationals of over 70 countries as well as territories can go into Morocco without a visa. a lot of — like the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, as well as all the member specifies of the European Union — can stay for as much as 90 days. Singapore passport-holders can stay for as much as 30 days.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the Wikipedia list.

This generous visa policy makes Morocco an suitable holiday destination. however right here are 10 cities as well as towns you must think about for your dream Moroccan getaway.

1. Marrakesh

Jamaa el Fna in Marrakech
The epicenter of Morocco’s tourism, Marrakesh (or Marrakech) is prominent for a reason. It’s wild as well as chaotic, however it’s likewise special as well as so in touch with its past. stay in a “riad”, the standard Moroccan home with a courtyard, in its labyrinthine medina as well as inspect out the souks in its central plaza called Jemaa El Fna.

Marrakesh can be overwhelming (if not intimidating) at first. Its design is confusing as well as there are scams right here as well as there. however it didn’t take long before our appreciation of it took root in our hearts as well as grew so significant that we didn’t want to leave.

Situated north of the southern foothills of the Atlas Mountains, its central place makes it an suitable jumpoff point for other destinations like Medina, Casablanca, as well as Essaouira.

Speaking of Essaouira…

2. Essaouira

This is me hiding in one of the turrets atop Skala du Port. Walled medina in the background.
Although along Morocco’s Atlantic coast, Essaouira looks a lot more like a Mediterranean town with a North African attitude. The citadel is predominantly white, rising from a rocky shore, accented by cerulean boats. Gelato shops mark some corners, as well as European restaurants punctuate some streets. Yet, a walk is impossible without running into locals clad in djellabas as well as being treated to the aroma of cumin-mixed tagines. as well as while it is house to several ethnic groups, it is distinctly, undeniably Moroccan.

Essaouira indicates “little rampart,” referring to the walls that surround the area. The fortress was developed under the command of the Portuguese. Called by its old name Mogador at the time, Essaouira was one of the six Moroccan towns that the Portuguese seized as well as ruled. It is a excellent example of an 18th century fortified port city.

3. Chefchaouen

Morocco’s famed blue city! Chefchaouen is finest understood for the blue-washed buildings that make it one of the most picturesque destinations in the country. Islamic as well as Andalusian design take centerstage here, if not overshadowed by the surrounding Rif Mountains.

4. Casablanca

For lots of tourists, Casablanca rings a bell for the charming Hollywood traditional named after it. however the city itself stands on its own as a compelling vacationer destination. Its a lot of famous structure is the excellent as well as massive Hassan II Mosque as well as its minaret, the tallest in the world. Don’t leave the city without stopping at the Medina as well as the Corniche.

5. Tangier

Everywhere we went in Morocco, locals desire us to see Tangier on the Gibraltar Strait coast. This northern city has a extremely different character, having been the main gateway to Africa for Europeans for centuries as well as a location where influences blend to produce a unique culture.

6. Fez

Fez is Morocco’s second largest city, however it likewise cradles the world’s largest metropolitan pedestrian (car-free) zone, Fes el Bali. Fes el Bali is one of its two medinas as well as is a UNESCO world Heritage Site. likewise found right here is the university of al-Qarawiyyin, “the oldest existing, continually operating university in theŚwiat ”, jak potwierdził zarówno UNESCO, jak i Guinness World Records.

7. Ouarzazate, a także Aït Benhaddou

Aït-ben-haddou irl.
Możesz uznać OuaryZazate za miejsce filmowe dla wielu hollywoodzkich filmów: Lawrence of Arabia (1962), The Last Temptation of Christ (1988), The Mumy (1999), a także Prince of Persia (2010). Jednak w świecie Game of Thrones, blisko Kasbah, Aït-Ben-Haddou jest Junkai, czyli żółte miasto, a także jedno z trzech doskonałych państw miast w zatoce Slaver’s Bay. W przypadku turystów krajowych i światowych jest to również punkt wyjścia dla doliny Draa, a także na pustynię.

8. Merzouga

Jeśli zobaczysz zdjęcia Maroka przedstawiające nieograniczone wydmy, a także przejażdżki wielbłądami, możliwości są ich profesjonalnymi fotografami, gdy pozostali w Merzouga. Znajduje się na skraju Sahary, jest to niewielka wioska najlepsza rozumiana z bliskości Erg Chebbi, Saharan Erg.

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